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Things have certainly calmed down now that Golden Week is over.  The hike through the woods was rather interesting, and my fight with Abarai could have gone better.  I need to train more, seeing as how my skills felt a bit rusty.  Speaking of which, I have a mentor now: Soifon-sensei.  I'm not too familiar with her, considering I'm not in her class, but I'm sure that will change.  I suppose I can always ask Hanatarou.

Well then, I'm off to train in the woods a bit and catch up on my studying.

Apr. 26th, 2007

Golden Week huh?  Outside of my fight with Abarai on Sunday, I'm not entirely sure what I'll be doing for Golden Week.  I see there's a few things going on around campus so I may check one of those out.  Although, I could use the time to study too.  I'll have to see.
Things have been rather quiet around here lately.  I'm still waiting on my assignment for the play, although I've heard there's a possibility it's going to be cancelled.  That's unfortunate.  Well, I suppose I'll go for a walk.  There's still a few places I've yet to visit.
That audition was rather unexpected.  I wasn't aware we had to try out for a part, but no matter.  The teachers will decide where I belong, and if it happens to be on stage then so be it.  Acting is a vital part of training anyway.  The ability to fool the enemy is an indespensible tool.  I suppose all that's left to do is wait.


Well, classes have been rather eventful lately.  Aizen-sensei is quite talented at getting the entire class involved in the discussion, even if it almost resulted in an all out brawl.  One would think that with all of the martial arts training everyone has here, they would have more self control.  I can't, however, argue that some of the ladies' reactions were unjustified.  Sometimes a blow to the pride hurts much more than a blow to the face.

Regarding the musical, I think I'll see if I can work behind the scenes.  I'm not particularly fond of any of the characters so I can't really justify auditioning for a character I have no interest in, but seeing as how I'm part of Ukitake-sensei and Ichimaru-sensei's class, it wouldn't be fair to not participate.   I'll have to speak with them about it.

I suppose that will be all for now.  It was a wise choice to transfer here.
Classes have been chosen.

Ichimaru Gin - Theater & Dance
Ukitake Jyuushirou – Musical Performance
Aizen Sousuke – Social & Behavioral Sciences
Kyouraku Shunsui - Philosophy & Theology
Unohana Retsu – Biological & Life Sciences
Hitsugaya Toushiro - Computer Science & Mathematics
Kurotsuchi Mayuri – Physical & Chemical Sciences

It's a slightly heavier load, but I'll have no trouble handling it.
Well, I'm all unpacked.  I should call home, but that can wait till later.  I've only met one of the roommates, Hanatarou, and he seems very timid.  Doesn't strike me as the type that would enroll here.  I have been told that Ishida is a wild man, although I'm not sure if I want to know exactly what "wild" entails.  As far as this Kurosaki Ichigo goes, I know nothing.

I still have to enroll in my classes.  I see I've been placed in Philosophy and Theology with Professor Kyouraku, but I still need to choose at least five other classes.  It'd be nice if they told us how to go about this.  I don't think the professors would appreciate a random student showing up unannounced to their class.  I'll have to see exactly what I need to do for that.

I've heard talks of the play Grease being performed sometime in the near future.  Not sure why they chose that, there's plenty of other musicals with a much better plot and better music.  I thought I overheard someone say they were changing things a bit and adding combat, which will be an interesting combination.  I may even go see it, despite how much I dislike that musical.  We'll see.  Class registration is first priority at the moment.


Well, I'm finally here.  From what I've seen so far, the campus looks well equipped for training of every kind.  This pleases me.  It seems I was the last addition to my dorm room.  The other three areas look well lived in.  I haven't met them yet.  I have their names: Kurosaki Ichigo, Ishida Uryu, and Yamada Hanatarou, but that does me no good if I can't match names to faces.  Oh well.  I'll meet them when they show up.  I have unpacking to do.



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